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HydrogenHighway.Com® To Fuel the Public Vision of the Future

NORTH BRANFORD, CT, April 7, 2005 - "What will the environment be like when all that comes out of our cars' exhaust pipes is water vapor? What will the economy be like when energy is abundant and inexpensive? What will the geopolitical landscape be like when fossil fuels lose their value?" These are among the thought provoking questions asked by HydrogenHighway.com®.

Launched one year ago, HydrogenHighway.com® is unique among the various websites devoted to sustainable energy and hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in that HydrogenHighway's audience is the general public, rather than technology and industry insiders. "Fueling the Public Imagination (SM)" is its sole purpose.

HydrogenHighway.com's readers can follow the industry trends, access relevant and understandable news stories and opinion pieces (and provide opinions of their own), and find numerous links to other hydrogen resources on the world-wide-web. They may also elect to receive email newsletters which are as passionate as they are informative.

Terri Alpert is the founder and editor of HydrogenHighway.com®. (To the best of her knowledge she is also the first to have coined the term "Hydrogen Highway" back in 2002.) Unaffiliated with industry, she is a lay expert in what's happening with hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. She is promoting public education using her own resources because of her firm belief that the transition to a hydrogen economy is essential for economic and environmental reasons, for the purpose of national security and, ultimately, for global democracy.

By asking the questions and sharing the visions, HydrogenHighway.com® is exciting the imagination of the American and world-wide public to envision a future in which the majority of our energy needs are provided by a plentiful, clean, renewable resources. Reprint rights of Ms. Alpert's impassioned and informative newsletters are available free of charge to most media outlets. For the latest newsletter and reprint guidelines, see:

"Researchers in industry and academia are doing an amazing job moving this technology forward," says Ms. Alpert. "It is now time for the public to understand what's happening because when we collectively get it, the pace of innovation will accelerate drastically. We'll vote with our wallets, investing in companies and buying the products which make the dream possible."

"This revolution will be every bit as transformative as the industrial and information revolutions which preceded it. What is really exciting is that no matter what answers we come up with, we are likely only scratching the surface. What will be the environmental impact of a clean, renewable energy source? What will be the economic impact of the cost of energy eventually falling to virtually nothing? What will be the geopolitical impact of devaluation of fossil fuels ? The immediate changes are so enormous that it is easy to overlook the ripple effects which will no doubt be of even greater magnitude. Just thinking about them renews my optimism about the future we are creating for our children and grandchildren," says Ms. Alpert.


Hydrogen Highway and Fueling the Public Imagination are both service marks of Hydrogen Highway LLC of Connecticut.

 Attention Educators

How do your students envision the future of the Hydrogen Highway?

We welcome essays and pictures from all ages elementary school to graduate school. Our favorites will be posted.

 Our Mission:

• Excite the imagination of the American and world-wide public to envision a future in which the majority of our energy needs are provided by a clean, renewable resource.

• To encourage the support and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and the infrastructure needed to create a hydrogen-based economy.

•To hasten consumer acceptance of these new technologies because they will result in a better future for us all.

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