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The Big News!

The Unveiling of the Washington DC Hydrogen Pump
at a "Regular" Shell Service Station

There have been so many great articles, press releases and opinion pieces, regarding this historic event. Shell and GM worked in partnership on this project. The pump and the H2 fuel cell vehicles driving around DC will demonstrate hydrogen technology to Capital Hill's lawmakers and staffers, as well as to the general public.

Note: Many of the news sites to which these links will take you will require you to register. This is quick and painless and only needs to be done once per news source. Some of these links will expire, so best to read these articles soon! -- Editor, HH

News Coverage -- November 10 & 11, 2004
Washington Post
NY Times
News Channel 5
Terra Daily
NewsMax (NewsMax has a copy of Post article without photos which is likely to be available after the Post link expires.)

Shell Says This is Just the Beginning
Dow Jones
Joint Press Release From Shell & GM

The U.S. Secretary of Energy Says ... Projects like this one "address major technical and economic hurdles in renewable and distributed hydrogen production technologies that must be overcome to make the President's vision a reality."
Dept. of Energy

 Attention Educators

How do your students envision the future of the Hydrogen Highway?

We welcome essays and pictures from all ages elementary school to graduate school. Our favorites will be posted.

 Our Mission:

• Excite the imagination of the American and world-wide public to envision a future in which the majority of our energy needs are provided by a clean, renewable resource.

• To encourage the support and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and the infrastructure needed to create a hydrogen-based economy.

•To hasten consumer acceptance of these new technologies because they will result in a better future for us all.

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